The Power of Forgiveness

As my spiritual practice evolves, forgiveness has become an important focus. In fact, recently, I forgave every transgression ever done against me, intentionally or not. I also forgave myself for any I have committed. St. Francis’s prayer states “it is only in pardoning that we are pardoned.”  I love that prayer!
It is true that forgiveness helps us heal ourselves, however, forgiveness helps dissipate all of that negative energy we carry around in our soul. Holding on to past grievances hinders our ability to love and to give freely of ourselves. It weighs our spirit down and keeps us locked in victimhood. No thanks!
Forgiveness is not easy and sometimes it requires forgiving someone over and over again until the memory is no longer painful. It gets replaced with compassion. Most of the time the people I am forgiving have no idea I am forgiving them, nevertheless an energetic shift occurs releasing the negative energy that connects us. Spiritually speaking, it is our intention that matters most.
The idea of departing from this world with a heart full of resentment is a fate worse than hell, therefore, I will continue practicing forgiveness no matter how hard it is or how long it takes.
If Nelson Mandela can forgive after spending 27 years in prison, so can I. I hope you can too.

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