Strong body.

For the past ten years Grace has conducted over thousands of fitness and yoga classes of various styles, and to a multitude of people with different levels of experience. Our desire is to share it with a wider circle of participants.

She has developed a unique way for developing strength, creating flexibility and practicing balance, in conjugation with stamina-building breathwork. 

We believe there is a level for every body.  

Clear mind.

 Our mission is to create self-awareness and inspire healthy lifestyle practices. We will be offering some of our popular classes online!

Classes such as Functional Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Stretch & Breathe, SLO Flow, CoreFit, and Restorative Yin for starters. 

We will offer 50-minute classes and 25-minute classes for those days you only have time for a quick class. 

A quick class can make a big difference. 


Soulful spirit.

In addition, we will offer holistic programs which aid with processing anxiety, depression and trauma.

Programs which combine different modalities such as somatic movement (dance), asana, breath awareness and various meditation techniques.

Whole body wellness can only be achieved when all three areas-mind, body and spirit-are in balance.