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Join us for one or more of our group classes. We offer a variety of different yoga styles, plus an energetic dance-cardio class called Urban Fusion. For class locations check out our Group Class schedule. 

Book your personal yoga therapy sessions and get yourself back on track to good health and well-being. Each session is created specifically for you! Learn more about our unique Yoga Therapy program. 

Our events are created to share our joie de vivre with you, because we are lifted by the inspired experiences we share. Our events helps build community, sparks personal growth and promotes healing. Join us for one or more of our events. 

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Join one of our 2023 wellness programs (click here):

Summer Solstice June 21 

Moonlit Paddle July 3 

Sunrise Yoga August 26 

Full Moon Yoga September 30


We are passionate about...

  • Teaching different styles of yoga and dance.
  • Developing personal sessions specifically for your well-being. 
  • Creating mindful awareness through various meditative practices.  
  • Cultivating joy in your life through yoga and dance.
  • Inspiring self-care and personal growth.
  • Serving with compassion.
  • Building community.

What our students are saying...

How yoga with Grace is changing lives. Testimonials from her students.

"Because of Grace, I have grown to love yoga. I have been one of Grace's students since 2010, in fact, I starting working with Grace before she officially started teaching. It seems like I can't go a day without doing some form of yoga. In this very stressful time, I use yoga to turn negative into positive. I have found that I have gained strength and flexibility and inner calmness.
Grace's guidance has helped me in all aspects of my life. I can't say enough about this very special, gifted lady. If you want an excellent yoga instructor see Grace!"
Nancy Smith
Practicing for 11 years
"I'm so happy to be able to share my experience with Grace. She is the best yoga instructor I have ever had. While living in Massachusetts, I occasionally took Grace’s classes. Each time I came she was so intuitive, not only with me, but with everyone in the room. Since I wasn’t always there, I was surprised every time she remembered me and knew the exact corrections I needed. Since moving to California three years ago, I have been looking to find someone just as wonderful. When the pandemic hit and gyms closed I wanted to continue my yoga practice. Luckily, with my sister, Grace was able to give us personal yoga classes via ZOOM. I am still amazed each week with her level of detail and corrections even over video. I am so happy to continue experiencing Grace’s teaching even 3000 miles away!"
Stephanie Fortin
Practicing for 1 year
"Having practiced yoga for more than 20 years, I put Grace at the top of the list of my favorite instructors. She brings so much knowledge and insight to her teaching and she is a constant source of encouragement, regardless of your experience level.
More than that, Grace brings her authentic spirit and passion for yoga to every class...she is a treasure!"
Silene Gordan
Practicing for 7 years
"Grace is amazing. I have been working with her one-on-one for 3 years, after 5 years of taking her studio classes. She has been instrumental in improving my yoga practice. She always knows how to make the right adjustments, making poses feel better. Her positive attitude and great outlook on life is apparent in everything she does. I'm grateful that I found her as a yoga instructor and friend."
Michelle Fortin-Chaytor
Practicing for 8 years
"About 8 years ago, I had an extremely bad case of sciatica and was dragging my leg around the gym. Grace couldn't have been nicer, observant of my plight. She said they was always a place on the mat for me. Being male, I was extremely hesitant about the practice itself. Eventually I came around. Six weeks later I was pain free. The improvement of quality in my life has been more than physical, it has stretched way beyond the walls of the yoga studio, an extra benefit. Grace's passion for what she does is a pleasure to be a part of."
Mike Riley
Practicing 8 years
"At my age (76), flexibility, balance, and strength are the key to a healthy lifestyle. Weekly one-on-one sessions with Grace provides it all; breathing techniques, posture alignment, and regular tension release routines which help stimulate the body and increases energy plus a state of relaxation afterwards. I feel great after every workout with her. With a healthy body, I will be able to attend these lessons for many more years."
Guido Schuler
Practicing 3 years

“The joy of living is inside you. Live it. Believe in it.”

-Tao Porchon Lynch

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